New foreign language movies (August / September 2008)

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Over the past month, documentaries and movies in various languages have been recorded from SBS.

These programmes are available in the Self Study room should you wish to view them.


A Bahraini Tale

Set during the Arab-Israeli war of 1967, this epic drama is both the personal story of a middle-class Bahraini family and an account of the hopes and faith the Arab world had in Jamal Abdul Nasser as its leader. Intimately told, it skilfully interweaves the personal and the general to reveal a society built on male domination and female sacrifice, as women attempt to enjoy freedom of choice.

Hassan Al-Majed, Saad Abdulla, Fatima Abdulrahim
(2006)  (Bahrain/Arabic)  Director: Bassam Al-Thawadi
M  V,A  Drama  100 mins

In the Battlefields

Set in war-torn Beirut in 1983. Twelve-year-old Lina is the sad and only child of an embattled couple, Fouad and his pregnant wife, Therèse. Lina hovers on the outskirts of domestic strife as the family tries to cope with the financial disaster brought on by Fouad’s gambling. Living upstairs is Lina’s aunt Yvonne, a tyrannical witch, and her maid, Siham, who is a few years older than Lina. Siham’s friendship is the one bright light in Lina’s anxious life and Siham takes her along on dates with her boyfriend, Marwan. As an accomplice to Siham’s secret love affair, Lina witnesses the physical, moral and psychological decline of the world around her. Winner of the 2004 Best Feature Film Award at the Milan Film Festival and the 2004 IMA Grand Prize at the Paris Biennal of Arab Cinema.

Marianne Feghali, Aouni Kawas
(2004)  (Lebanon/Arabic)  Director: Danielle Arbid
M  L,S,A  Drama  100 mins  Repeat


The Home Song Stories

The multi-award-winning true story of Rose, a glamorous nightclub singer from Shanghai who marries an Australian sailor and migrates with her young son and daughter to Melbourne. Rose’s past is filled with lost innocence and she begins a cycle of dependence and desperation to create a family for herself and her children, culminating with her affair with Joe, an illegal immigrant from Hong Kong. Based on writer/director Tony Ayres’ own life this film is an epic tale of mothers and sons, mothers and daughters, unrequited love, betrayal and secrets. Winner of eight AFI awards and five IF awards.

Joan Chen, Joel Lok, Irene Chen
(2007)  (Australia/English, Cantonese, Mandarin)  M  S,A,V  Drama  110 mins  *CC*


The Child

Bruno and Sonia are young, playful and immature. They chase each other, share cigarettes, spray sodas and wrestle. The thing is, they also have a new baby. Just out of hospital, Sonia seeks out Bruno to show him his son – but Bruno is indifferent. In the grimy Belgian city of Seraing, he’s a petty thief with no interest in work, no plan, spending money as fast as he can fence cameras and jewellery. He sells the baby. Sonia’s reaction and Bruno’s surprise at her response inform his subsequent actions. Has he a nascent conscience or any chance at redemption? Can he help himself? Winner of the Golden Palm at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival.

Jérémie Rénier, Deborah Francois, Jérémie Segard
(2005)  (Belgium/French)  Director: Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne
M  A,L,V  Drama  100 mins


Inspector Rex (weekly series, 7.35-8.30 Thursdays)


Woman is a Tough Person

Divorcee Johnny Maniatis is a middle-aged advertising executive whose life is at an ebb, to say the least. His much younger girlfriend is hearing the rapid ticking of her body clock and has decided to have his baby – the trouble is, she has decided that he has to impregnate her on the day when he has to deliver a very important pitch for a very difficult product – sanitary napkins. Failure to clinch the deal would see his company go under.

Antonis Kafetzopoulos, Faye Kokkinopoulou
(2005)  (Greece/Greek)  Director: Antonis Kafetzopoulos
M  L,A,D  Comedy  105 mins  Repeat


Late Marriage

A Georgian-Jewish family living in Israel attempts to force their 31-year-old son to adhere to tradition by choosing an appropriate bride for him, while disregarding his heart’s desire.

Lior Louie Ashkenazi, Ronit Elkabetz, Moni Moshonov
(2001)  (Israel/Georgian, Hebrew)  Director: Dover Koshashvili
MA  S,N,A  Comedy  105 mins  Repeat


The Swamp

A successful female doctor, and mother of a little girl, discovers that her husband is having an affair with her best friend, whom she considers as a younger sister. She does not reveal that she knows about the affair, and suffers as she struggles to keep her family together, gradually causing her personality to change. When her father dies, because her husband leaves him alone to be with his mistress, the scene is set for a tragic course of action.

Ji Young Park, Jin Geun Kim
(2004)  (South Korea/Korean)  Director: Yun Cheul Kim
M  A,S,V  Drama  75 mins



09 September 2008: Bursting the Bubble

02 September 2008: Rage

26 August 2008: Shifting the Climate

08 July 2008: $2 a litre

01 July 2008: Going to China

24 June 2008: The Naked Eye

17 June 2008: Labour Pains

10 June 2008: Playing Up

03 June 2008: MiTunes

27 May 2008: In Good Faith

20 May 2008: Pulling Teeth

13 May 2008: Stolen ID

06 May 2008: Wanting More

29 April 2008: Playing the Pokies

22 April 2008: Future Food

15 April 2008: Losing Patients

08 April 2008: Two of a Kind

25 March 2008: Out of Reach

18 March 2008: Are they safer?

11 March 2008: Wots Rude

Australia  Current Affairs  60 mins  *CC*


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