New foreign language movies (November / December 2008)

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Over the past month, documentaries and movies in various languages have been recorded from SBS. These programmes are also available in the Self Study room should you wish to view them.

What programmes do / don’t you enjoy watching?  What type of foreign language programmes are you most interested in viewing?  Do feel free to post a comment & let me know!

Enjoy this month’s viewings! 🙂

Arabic / Hebrew


Eight Arab widows, uneducated and lacking in vocational training, and who have never before had a job, suddenly decide to open a plant for the production of high quality pickles. This unconventional business start-up offers a rare insight into the lives of courageous women striving to overcome extraordinary obstacles to achieve a better life.
(Israel/Arabic, Hebrew)  G  Documentary  60 mins  Repeat

Sentenced to Marriage

Three young Israeli women, Tamara, Michelle and Rachel, are each trapped in a religious marriage. Their pain and suffering is embedded in the law of Israel. The rabbinical courts, that have full authority, say they need the husband’s consent to release them from their marriages. The courts disregard claims of domestic violence, and always side with the men, even when they have left home, live with other women and have other children by them. The rabbis base their decisions on ancient Biblical laws.
(2004)  (Israel/Hebrew)  M  A  Documentary  60 mins  Repeat


The Biggest Chinese Restaurant in the World

The West Lake Restaurant in Changsha, Hunan Province of China, is the largest restaurant in the world. The owner, Mrs Qin Linzy, a proud Communist Party member, started the business in 2000 with no idea that it would be such a success in less than a decade. The restaurant holds 5000 diners with 100 private rooms. Each week the restaurant serves 700 chickens, 200 snakes, 200 ducks, 5600 kilograms of vegetables, and 700 bean-curd dishes, all prepared by 300 in-house chefs. The diners are also treated to stage shows of traditional dance and distinguished guests are served as emperors by waiters in imperial costume. The restaurant itself is a sight to behold with stunning architecture, ponds, and waterfalls, all surrounded by green hills.
Premiere (UK/English, Mandarin)  PG  Documentary  30 mins


Janis and John

Pablo Sterni is an insurance broker who writes up a policy for a client to insure his sports car. Convinced that a claim will never be filed for the car because it never leaves the garage, Pablo decides to cash the cheque without insuring the vehicle. But when the car is stolen and is a write-off, he is in real trouble. To make the money to pay off the claim, Sterni asks his shy wife, Brigitte and failed actor, Walter to impersonate Janis Joplin and John Lennon in order to swindle his cousin Leon, who has just inherited a lot of money from his father. Received the Best Film Award at the Malaga Film Festival.

Sergi López, François Cluzet
(2003) (France/French)  Director: Samuel Benchetrit
M  L,D,A Comedy  110 mins  Repeat


Inspector Rex (weekly series, 7.35-8.30 Thursdays)


Feast Greece
Levos – The Garden of the Aegean
A glimpse into the food, culture, history, religion and traditions of Greece.
(Australia/English, Greek)  G  Lifestyle  30 mins


Voices of the world

How many languages are there in the world? There could be as many as 10,000 languages or as few as 4,000 languages. Whatever the number, half of those languages are likely to disappear within the next hundred years. Filmed across the globe in countries as diverse as Australia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Denmark, Egypt, Greenland, Iran, Mozambique, Nepal, Spain and Vietnam, Voices of the World offers a profound vision of a world where languages and cultures are disappearing.
Friday 19 December 2008 1.30pm
SBS Rating: (PG, Rpt)
Duration: 65 mins


The Passion of Spain
Part 1
Greg Grainger’s visit to Spain features a wonderful mix of ancient Spanish traditions and the new vibrancy that has swept the country. It captures the excitement of Spain’s spectacular fairs and parades, like the feria of Seville with its non-stop week long party. Greg also visits remote areas like Galicia, with its bag-pipers, the Basque homelands, with its strong man contests, and Gomera in the Canary Islands, with its farmers who communicate by whistling.
Australia  G Documentary  60 mins  Repeat


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