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We have recently acquired

FSI Programmatic Spanish Levels 1 and 2 (textbooks + 26 CDs).

Quoting from, this program was

“Produced originally by the Foreign Service Institute, this course is in
a Latin American dialect and is intended to lead you to a minimum
professionally useful level of proficiency. The course offers five
learning modes as follows: introduction, dialogue, grammatical
practice, variations, and application. The first 20 units of Level 1
emphasize word and phrase structure; the remaining units expand the
vocabulary and further develop verb morphology. At the completion of
Level 1 you will have completed work comparable to the first year of a
college-level Spanish course.”

Volume I contains twenty-five units of a course of about 100 units. The
course as a whole is intended to lead the student to a minimum
professionally useful level of proficiency. The objective of this
volume is to emphasize word structure and phrase structure; therefore,
this volume (especially through Unit 20) displays equal concern with
phrase relators, connectors, and verb morphology, and shows less
concern with vocabulary. During the introductory phase, the focus is
more on the student’s ability to perform in multi-phrasal and
multi-clausal sentences using the proper connectors and relators
instead of memorizing vocabulary items. Subsequent units will develop
the remaining verb morphology and expand the vocabulary.

Volume II contains 990 words including 150 cognates; the total for both
volumes is a little more than 1400 words. The grammatical inventory
presented in Volumes I and II is more than that normally thought of as
comprising a first year college course. Time required to finish Volume
II varies according to the students’ ability, of course, but it also
varies according to the amount of time spent on supplementary
ingredients such as conversation, reading, oral discussions of current
events, and so forth. Without these supplements, Volume II has required
an average of about 150 hours, including student preparation time,
during its first year of use at FSI.”

To view the contents of each book, click on these links:

Programmatic Spanish I  –  
Programmatic Spanish II  –  


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