New foreign language movies (July / August 2010)

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Over the past months, documentaries and movies in various languages have been recorded from SBS & ABC channels.

These programmes are available in the Self Study room (Rm 222, Brennan MacCallum building) should you wish to view them.


The Yacoubian Building

The intertwined tragi-comedic tales of the dwellers of a once-luxurious block of flats in Cairo. Winner of the International Jury Award for Best Actor (Adel Imam) at the Sao Paulo International Film Festival.

Adel Imam, Nour El-Sherif, Essad Youniss

(2006)  (Egypt/Arabic)  Director: Marwan Hamed
MA  V,A  Drama  170 mins  Repeat


The Sea Wall

A widow with two children tries to grow rice in a swampy coastal area of southern Indochina in the 1930s. Used and abused by corrupt French colonial powers, she has invested all her savings in this regularly flooded farmland. In desperation, she builds a sea wall.

Isabelle Huppert, Gaspard Ulliel, Astrid Berges-Frisbey

(2008)  (France/Cambodia/Belgium/French)  Director: Rithy Panh
M  L,A,S  Drama  120 mins  Repeat

Twice Upon a Time

Two darlings of 1970s French cinema are forced to reunite after 30 years apart, having gone to extreme lengths to avoid each other since their abrupt separation.

Charlotte Rampling, Jean Rochefort, James Thiérrée
(2006)  (France/French, English)  Director: Antoine de Caunes
M  Comedy  95 mins  *CC*


Inspector Rex – recorded weekly


Two unrelated couples become inextricably bound by fate after a bank robbery in this spectacular portrait of pain and loneliness. Nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at 2009 Oscars.

Johannes Krisch, Hanno Pöschl

(2008)  (Austria/German)  Director: Götz Spielmann
MA  S,A,L,N  Drama  125 mins  Repeat


True Blue

In the 1950s, a Greek widow is raising her three children alone in difficult circumstances. She has a soft spot for her only son, Yorgos, and panders to his every whim. When Yorgos realises he is gay, he goes to extraordinary lengths to keep his mother’s approval and acceptance.

Rania Ekonomidou, Yorgos Nanouris

(2005)  (Greece/Greek)  Director: Giannis Diamantopoulos
MA  A,L,S  Drama  115 mins  Repeat


Respiro: Grazia’s Island

An evocative story of a beautiful, free-spirited young mother whose appetite for life isolates her from her conservative island community. Increasingly, Grazia becomes a subject of gossip, until her husband sends her to Milan for medical treatment against her will. But her loving eldest son finds a way to help her escape.

Valeria Golino, Veronica D’Agostino
(2002)  (Italy/Italian)  Director: Emanuele Crialese
M  A  Drama  100 mins  Repeat


City of Life and Death

In 1937, shortly after the Imperial Japanese Army had captured the Chinese capital, Nanjing, tens of thousands of Chinese soldiers and civilians were killed over several weeks. The film tells the story of several figures, both historical and fictional, including John Rabe, a Nazi businessman who would ultimately save thousands of Chinese civilians.

Hideo Nakaizumi, Ye Liu

(2009)  (China/Hong Kong/Mandarin, English)  Director: Chuan Lu
M  Drama  140 mins


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