Language learning – tips from BBC

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Here are some tips from users on learning a new language:

Success starts here

Language learning takes time and commitment so be realistic and don’t expect to remember everything you’ve learnt or miracles overnight. Use any method which works for you. Repeating activities is an excellent way of consolidating what you’ve learnt. Some people choose to write words on post-it notes and stick them around the house, play language CDs on the way to and from work or when you’re jogging or cooking. Try things like saying phone numbers out loud, making shopping and other lists, memorising orders in a bar or restaurant.

Grammar doesn’t have to be scary – it’s simply the term for the mechanics of a language and basic knowledge of the rules of grammar will allow you to say what you want to say instead of having to rely on set phrases.

Improve your accent and your confidence by listening to speakers on audio and video clips over and over. Imitate them out loud – the more you do this, the more familiar and comfortable you’ll become with the sounds of the language.

Staying motivated

The thought of a visit to a place where the language you’re learning is spoken is a real incentive to keep going. Stay focused, if you find your concentration wavering, by reminding yourself of why you wanted to learn in the first place.

Don’t worry about making mistakes. It’s a normal part of the learning process, and you’ll learn much more quickly by having a go. Generally, people are only too pleased to hear you trying to speak their language and make allowances if you’re not spot on.

Keep a check on your progress. You may be underestimating how much progress you’re actually making. Go back every now and again to something you did early on to prove to yourself just how much you’ve learnt.

It might also help if you find a learning partner so you can keep each other motivated. Find out about the people and the culture of the country where the language is spoken and above all, enjoy your learning. Don’t allow it to become a chore. It’s well worth the effort!

Benefits of language learning

Never underestimate the value and the pleasure of knowing another language. It breaks down barriers between cultures and knowing even a little can make all the difference to the attitudes of the people you meet in other countries.



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