New foreign language movies (July 2011)

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Dear all,

Over the past month, documentaries and movies in various languages have been recorded from SBS & ABC channels.

Please feel free to pass on this email to friends who might be interested.

These programmes are available in the Self Study room (Rm 222, Brennan MacCallum building) should you wish to view them.


The Best of Times

Nominated for Best Movie at the 2002 Venice Movie Festival, the story follows the misadventures of two aimless young men who get dragged into the seedy underbelly of Taipei, run by ruthless gangsters. Winner of the Silver Screen Award at the 2003 Singapore International Movie Festival.

(2002) (Taiwan/English)  Director: Tso-chi Chang

M  A  Crime  110 mins

Electric Shadows

When a woman assaults a youth delivering water on his bicycle, she surprisingly asks him to feed her fish while she is in custody. In her apartment is a shrine to his favourite escape: the movies.

(2004) (China/English)  Director: Jiang Xiao

M  A  Drama  93 mins

Lost in Beijing

A money-hungry young migrant worker from the countryside gives up his wife, his child and his pride for a sum of 120,000 yuan. When he realises the huge price he has paid, it is too late.

(2007)  (China/Mandarin)  Director: Yu Li

M  A  Drama  112 mins


Narco: The secret adventures of Gustave Klopp

Gustave Klopp’s life is disrupted by his narcolepsy as he falls asleep at the most inappropriate moments. But his dreams are a source of inspiration. An entertaining, quirky comedy about a man caught in a fantasy world of superheroes.

(2004)  (France/French)  Directors: Tristan Aurouet, Gilles Lellouche

M  A  Comedy  105 mins



In the heart of Jaffa, an Israeli town cohabited by Jews and Arabs, Reuven’s garage is a family business. His daughter Mali and his son Meir, as well as Toufik, a young Palestinian, work there. No-one suspects that Mali and Toufik have been in love for years.

(2009)  (Germany/Israel/France/English)  Director: Keren Yedaya

M  A  Drama  106 mins



After his mother’s death, 12-year-old Jaya is sent to his father, Johar, who works as a supervisor on a jermal (fishing platform). Johar is shocked, never knowing he has a son, and rejects the boy as his kin. Faced with constant rejection from his father and relentless bullying by the other boys who work on the jermal, Jaya decides to take fate into his own hands.

(2008)  (Indonesia/Indonesian)  Director: Ravi L. Bharwani

M  A  Drama  88 Mins


The Insect Woman

Born in a rural farming village in 1918, Tome survives decades of Japanese social upheaval as well as abuse and servitude at the hands of various men. When she heads for Tokyo to look for a better life, despite her initial disgust, she is lured into a life of prostitution. Winner of the Silver Bear for Best Actress at the 1964 Berlin International Film Festival.

(1963)  Director: Shohei Imamura
M  S,A  Drama  135 mins  Repeat







A very confronting drama about how both children and adults are affected by, and oftentimes help to perpetuate, the cycle of abuse. After witnessing the death of his mother and sister at the hands of his drunken father, Sang-hoon grows up to be an aggressive, foul-mouthed, antisocial gangster who collects debts by beating people up.

(2009)  (South Korea/Korean)  Director: Yang Ik-Joon

M  A  Crime  130 mins



My name is Juani

Juani dreams of becoming an actress but is stuck in a poor suburban village in Spain. She has problems at home and argues incessantly with her boyfriend, who cheats on her. Soon the limitations of her impoverished background become unbearable for Juani, and she and her best friend leave for Madrid in search of fame and fortune.

(2006)  (Spain/English)  Director: Bigas Luna

M  A  Comedy  100 mins


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