New foreign language movies (August 2011)

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Dear all,

Over the past month, documentaries and movies in various languages have been recorded from SBS & ABC channels.

These programmes are available in the Self Study room (Rm 222, Brennan MacCallum building) should you wish to view them 🙂



This is a 2007 Chinese war-drama film written by Liu Heng and directed by Feng Xiaogang.  The film was first released on December 20, 2007 and is among the first Mainland-produced films to portray the Chinese Civil War in a realistic style.  The film is an adaptation of the novel Guan Si (A Legal Case), which is based on the real-life account of a veteran army captain upholding his company’s honour.  The film won the 2008 Hundred Flowers Awards and the 2009 Golden Rooster Awards for Best Film.

(2007)  (China/Mandarin)  Director: Feng Xiaogang

M  A,L  Drama  124 mins


Angel A

Andre, a kind-hearted small-time crook, owes large sums of money to a lot of big time nasty thugs. He is about to end it all when he is visited by an angel.

(2005)  (France/French & Spanish)  Director: Luc Besson

M  A,L  Romance  91 mins



Buddenbrooks: The Decline of a Family

An adaptation of literary giant Thomas Mann’s 1900 Nobel Prize-Winning novel of the same name, this film charts the downfall of an aristocratic merchant family over four generations in northern Germany.

(2008)  (Germany/German)  Director: Heinrich Breloer

M  A,L  Drama  91 mins

Cloud 9

A woman in her 60s is torn between a passionate affair with a man who has revived her spirit, and a safe but predictable marriage. Winner of Un Certain Regard at the 2008 Cannes International Film Festival.

(2008)  (Germany/German)  Director: Andreas Dresen

M  A,L  Drama  98 mins


Close to Home

Two young Israeli female soldiers patrol the streets of Jerusalem together, checking the IDs of Palestinians. Their conflicting characters produce a love-hate relationship.

(2005)  (Israel/Hebrew)  Director: Vardit Bilu, Dalia Hager

M  L  Drama  105 mins  Repeat



A 60-something woman, faced with the discovery of a heinous family crime and in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, finds strength and purpose when she enrols in a poetry class.

(2010)  (South Korea/Korean)  Director: Chang-dong Lee

M  L  Drama  139 mins

Shadows in the Palace

Set during Korea’s Chosun Period. When a personal maid to the King’s concubine is found hanged in her quarters, the hidden dynamics between the court maids of the Korean royal family uncovers a tangled web of murder and deception.

(2007) (South Korea/Korean)  Director: Mee-jeung Kim

M  L  Drama  112 mins



Family Law

As he adjusts to being a husband and dad, lawyer Ariel Perelman meditates on the ways in which he is similar to – and so very different from – his own lawyer father.  A thoughtful and touching film dealing with family relationships in an insightful and subtly comic way.  Winner of the 2007 Silver Condor for Best Director and Best Supporting Actor.

(2006)  (Argentina/Spanish)  Director: Daniel Burman

M  L  Comedy  102 mins

Just Like Me

A womanising 41-year-old Casanova nicknamed The King of the Night becomes a grandfather overnight when a 23-year-old pregnant daughter he never knew he had tracks him down. The third highest grossing film at the Latin American box office in 2010.

(2006)  (Argentina/Spanish)  Director: Diego Kaplan

M  L  Comedy  105 mins


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