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The AV Language Library is closing

*****  ANNOUNCEMENT *****

The AV Language Library will close in December 2012 and its video, audio, and printed resources will in the future be made available to students and staff by other means and in other venues. This transition will happen during the period of the University close-down and in early January so that most users of the old facility will not be affected. We are confident that the new arrangements that will be in place after the transition will deliver more effective and efficient access to the Centre’s materials than is currently the case.

Please note the following with regard to this change:

1.     All 1400 video files will be uploaded onto Blackboard where students will be able to access them via any computer on campus. (At present they are accessible only through one of the computers in the language labs.) We will create an e-Community on Blackboard so that all University students will be able to access the video files throughout their candidature, regardless of whether they are enrolled in a language unit. The collection will be catalogued and all items will be easy to locate on the Blackboard site.

2.     All 2500 audio files will also be uploaded onto Blackboard for use in the same manner as the video files.

3.     The Centre’s collection of books—consisting of dictionaries, grammars, and other language-learning printed materials— will be selectively moved to the Fisher Library where they will be properly catalogued and fully integrated into the Library’s collection.

4.     Fisher Library has equipment which will provide a pleasant and effective learning environment for all students, including those undertaking language-learning. Apart from Access Centre and Library computers, the Library has collaborative spaces, two home theatres and 4 small sound booths. Two collaborative rooms and the four sound booths can be booked for use.

5.     The computer stations in the Self Study room in the Language Study Centre will continue to be available after the old facility closes.

We ask for your understanding and patience while this transition takes place. We anticipatethat by early December all video and audio files will have been uploaded onto Blackboard and available for use; the collection of books going to Fisher Library should be available by the commencement of first semester, 2013.

The School will keep everyone updated on the progress of the transition.

For further information please contact Drasko Mitrikeski, School Administration Manager, at drasko.mitrikeski @ or Michelle Liu, Librarian, at michelle.liu @ .


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Spanish resources @ the AV Language Library

Learning Spanish? Come by the AV Language Library & play a few games that’s not only fun, but helps you increase your vocabulary too!

Learn Spanish Now and World Talk Spanish are just two of the FUN & FREE resources you can use as a learner of Spanish – available from the computers in the Self Study room.  Come by during our opening hours to check it out!

For more information on the product, click on this link:


Also another great resource is Rosetta Stone – Spanish.  This interactive software comes in three levels where you can learn Spanish and gain the confidence to talk about your environment such as giving and getting directions, dining out, shopping, and enjoying basic, social interactions.

Try the demo for yourself at


These three excellent materials are available from the AV Language Library & Self Study room, during opening hours.  For more information including our opening hours, click on our Facebook page or drop the Librarian a message either through this blog or via Facebook 🙂

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Photo: AV Language Library

AV Library books

Browse our specialised collection of language materials at the AV Language Library!

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Movie Talk Advanced – Spanish

Would you like to take your Spanish to a higher level?  Well, you can do so now from the computers in the Self-Study room!

Watch full-screen video and play games and exercises that make you remember what you’ve seen and learnt.  Star in one of your favourite videos by joining in the action by recording your voice into the movie;  search for any word used in the script, or compete in a quick-fire TV Quiz.

Movie Talk – Spanish teaches you to understand the language at the speed it’s really spoken using a full-length movie with the flexibility to browse and repeat complex phrases. Watch the show, then take your learning a step further with addictive games.

Master your level of Spanish while helping Mario and Elena build a new life in the hugely popular Spanish TV series Querido Maestro.

Watch the whole video with subtitles, or sit back and enjoy it full-screen:

  • Follow the movie line-by-line in the script.
  • Search for any word in the script.
  • Record your voice as one of the actors in the film.
  • Games and activities help your vocabulary, spelling and comprehension.
  • Print a certificate when your score is high enough.
  • Challenge our resident champion in a quick-fire TV quiz.
Come and visit your Language Library to start learning!

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Talk Now! Spanish (for Beginners)

Talk Now! Spanish is available in the Self Study room, and offers a simple-to-use method for you to start learning Spanish.  There are no dull exercises; just encouraging games that award you points for progress.  And it fits easily into short ten-minute sessions!

Features include:

Nine topics: first words, food, colours, phrases, parts of the body, numbers, time, shopping and countries.

A record/playback facility: enables you to practise your pronunciation and compare it to that of a native speaker.

Two quiz levels: test what you’ve learned, earn points and monitor your progress.

Memory Games: to improve your knowledge of key vocabulary.

Intelligent Software: remembers words you get wrong and targets your weak points.

Have a look at the video above for more info:, and

Come and visit your AV Language Library to start learning!

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WorldTalk French

If you’re an intermediate student of French, and would like to practice your French, you might like to try out this interactive software!

Available on all the computers in the Self study room, WorldTalk French “prepares you for real-life situations with addictive listening games. It will teach you to recognise key words in everyday situations and broaden your vocabulary.

Play interactive language games and earn points for every game you play. High scorers can go on to win bronze, silver and gold awards, which you can print out as a record of achievement.”

Sounds interesting? Then come on down to the Self Study room in Brennan MacCallum building (A18)! If you’d like any more info on this program, feel free to post a comment in here.  Happy studying! 🙂

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New books in library – French!


Attention students of French (FRNC1622 – Jnr French Intermediate 4)!

The AV Language Library has recently acquired the textbook Interaction : langue et culture / Susan St. Onge & Ronald St. Onge (8th ed.) as well as the Student Activities Manual.

To use the materials, come to the AV Language Library (located on the 2nd level of Brennan MacCallum Bldg) and exchange your student card for the book(s).

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