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Learn French on the go with this iPhone app!

If you are learning French, and own an iPhone, you might be interested in this app.

According to French Culture,

The recently-released TV5MONDE iPhone app is specially designed to supplement the 26 minute-long TV news magazine, “7 jours sur la planète” (7 Days on Earth), a popular program airing every Saturday morning on TV5MONDE from September through June.  Each week’s show highlights major world current events in French and also includes French subtitles, helping the program reach larger audiences with varying levels of French.

“7 jours sur la planète” is available to watch online, and viewers can also access a number of fun activities on the website to help dive deeper into the French language. The iPhone app aims to help users learn 30 new words each week relating to the most relevant and pressing issues of the week, and also features games like word searches, anagrams, and quizzes to encourage the assimilation of new words and a better understanding of each week’s broadcast.

More info can be obtained from the TV5Monde website or from the iTunes store.


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